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Religious Sundays


So my husband and I are very much drawn to Jewish culture. We first celebrated the Passover 3 years ago and each time we have done this we experienced a oneness with God’s people. It has been amazing. So we have been on a journey to celebrate the culture and practicing what early “Christians” did. We discovered that Constantine pretty much did away with Jewish practices because the Roman Catholics of the time hated the Jews for killing Jesus. That thought in an of itself is mind-blowing as they put Mother Mary and Peter on a pedestal and they were Jews. That fact aside we got really excited to be invited to a webinar “Torah Study” for a week we could barely wait, hoping to finally get to the meat of the matter. Instead what we experienced was a study dedicated to explaining why Jesus was in fact the messiah but not God as Christians believe. So they are not accepted in the Jewish communities and called Heretics by the Christian communities. Their main source of explanation is the Bible translations were purposefully tweeked to spread the idea of “Christianity” so they re-translated the Bible in greek and took out the words supposedly added. Needless to say the last couple of days have been a rollercoaster of trying to come to terms with the Hebrew Roots Movement. On the surface it looks to be harmless and heartfelt desire to get back to Jewish and Hebrew roots, but digging down a little we are finding that this movement is denying what Jesus said He is GOD. So if you have had experiences with this movement or care to share your opinion please tune in to our show today at at 6:30pm PT 9:30pm ET phone lines will open at 6:45pm PT. the number to call is 562-231-7406 

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One thought on “Religious Sundays

  1. Hi KrisT,

    I wanted to thank you and Timo for taking the time to visit our class. We are so glad you came.

    I love the Pink!

    My first thought was “so what is she up to?” but then I read on.

    You wrote:

    “Needless to say the last couple of days have been a rollercoaster of trying to come to terms with the Hebrew Roots Movement. On the surface it looks to be harmless and heartfelt desire to get back to Jewish and Hebrew roots, but digging down a little we are finding that this movement is denying that Jesus said He is GOD.”

    I know you already had your radio show and I have no idea what was said.

    But For Clarity!

    You have not come to the correct terms regarding the “Hebrew Roots Movement”. We have seen this movement grow for over 40 years and so I’ll share with you what we know about it.

    We however have no relationship with the Hebrew Roots movement! They also would reject any notion of having a relationship with us because we would hurt their income and their followers. They make all their money off Christians and what may husband and I study and share in our findings would cause them poverty.


    1. Almost all sects of the Hebrew Roots movement “still believe” in the “Trinity” or are “Dualists”. (Jesus is god)

    2. They still believe Jesus was a blood sacrifice, and it was his finished work on the cross that gives them salvation.

    3. The believe the Holy Days given to the Jewish people were taken away by the church fathers and replaced with pagan holidays.

    4. Even though they believe they should not celebrate holidays like “Christmas” & “Easter” because they are pagan. They still believe in the teachings of NT, and Jesus.

    5. They all try to practice or observe Jewish Holy Days(Shabbats)and weekly Shabbats but they always seem to break them by traveling, buying & selling, lighting fires, cooking, taking tour groups out, etc. but worst of all, they do not spend the Holy Days in Jerusalem. (Anyone who really is Jewish and following the Holy Days knows you travel to Israel at this time of year and not leave. They definitely don’t do any of the above that I have mentioned on Holy Days or Shabbats)

    6.Some of them believe they are actually more obedient to Torah then the disobedient religious Jews and Rabbi’s. “They celebrate the High Holy Days on the appropriate days according to what they think the Torah commands and throw out the Jewish Calendar used today. Their action in this matter reflects that they basically think they are the new Sanhedrin!

    7. They believe Jesus is the Passover Lamb (This is because they do understand the Korbanot System! I have mentioned this a few times in the False Teaching Facebook Group)

    8. They believe they can say the name of G-d and claim to all know how to say it, and they believe they will be blessed if they do. They all say it so many different ways, your head spins. Jews don’t say the name of G-d because they do not know its correct pronunciation.

    9. They believe they are part of Ephraim (the Lost Ten Tribes). They don’t like the idea of just being grafted in like Ruth. They believe if G-d has opened their eyes to His Shabbats and the Jewish ways so they must be Jewish. Unfortunately they are really ignorant of Jewish ways because they don’t really live amongst the Jewish people nor go to synagogue, nor study in depth the teachings of the Rabbi’s and Sages. The evidence of this is expressed in their ways, and the language they use when they come to Israel and also on their websites.

    10. Many of their leaders are not Jewish at all, but Christians masquerading as Jews. They change their names to Jewish names. They do not really speak, read, or write Hebrew. They can say words and phrases to make you think they can. It’s like someone going to Mexico and saying the basic phrases we learned in school.

    11. Almost all of them do not live in the land. If they own a house here in Israel they leave it empty, or rent it and live outside the land. A religious Jew who follows Torah knows that they must live in the land.

    12. They make a lot of money off Christians who think that they are Jewish and are teaching them the ways of the religious Jew.

    You are obviously wise enough to discern that it is Constantine who distanced Jews and the Jewish Torah from the emerging Christian religion, in recognizing that both Miriam and Keffa (Peter) were both Jewish and yet you seem to hold that the all important doctrine of the so called Deity of Jesus is non-negotiable.

    Kris T, anyone who takes the Torah seriously and is drawn to the Jewish culture will sooner or later have to jettison the “Deity Doctrine” because it has no support in any biblical text.

    Shaul (Paul) knew this and wrote in Roman 1:16, that his gospel is not something that would make him ashamed. Shaul was a Jew and any research will reveal that the “Deity Doctrine” was born some three centuries after Shaul’s death.

    Interestingly enough the doctrine of “The Deity” is the single most powerful doctrine that keeps Jews away from identifying Yeshua as their Mashiach to this day yet there isn’t a Greek or Hebrew text that ever states that Yeshua is G-d.

    My husband wrote a book which goes over the most quoted texts from Christians trying to support the notion that Jesus claimed to be the G-d of Israel. He also shares his life story and the rejection and slander he suffered at the hands of Christians, Messianics and the Hebrew Roots leaders. We published the book intentionally on December 25, 2011 to give a clear message to the world. “The lie of the doctrine of the deity stops here in Jerusalem!” It has no foundation in the city from which the Torah springs forth to the world. Isaiah 2:3

    “If” The End of a Messianic Lie by Uriel ben-Mordechai

    Please, our agenda is not to convert the Christian to what we believe. A Jew is not “saved” according to what he/she believes. We need to reach our own people and Christianity has had had nearly 2000 years and failed with their doctrine that is filled with paganism.

    We seek to get to the truth through in depth study of the language and message in the NT Greek, using its grammatical rules.

    We absolutely without a doubt believe it is Torah compliant message that gives us proof of the genealogy, life, and testimony of Yeshua our Jewish Machiach!

    Be blessed in your quest!

    Yvonne Nevarez

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