Kooking With KrisT- Mac and Cheese Bites

Whats better than Bacon? Beer! I went there this week on Kooking with KrisT. In this video I make Beer Cheese with Habanero Jack Cheese, Jalapeños, Pale Ale and Bacon all baked in muffin tins to keep the portions just right! I made this recipe at Tim Hwang’s of EAT MOR YO and he gives a lively review to say the least! If you try this recipe, please post your pics and reviews.

Date N Paint A Huge Success

As an artist and wine-O – teaching painting has never been funner. I started my small business a couple of months ago after Wine and Paint Nights started springing up everywhere. I went to one and thought I can do this! So I did. I teamed up with Gondola Pizza in La Mirada- Home of the BEST ITALIAN FOOD EVER!Gondola Pizza Its growing and repeat artists are into it! Heres a snapshot of the finished product! If you want to see my art check out KrisTs Art I will be the Featured Artist at the Wyland Gallery April 7, 2016!

Sunset Date N Paint Group Shot

Reflections of Hilo

Hilo Slumber is a song written by Timo. Its a song of hope and never giving up. While on the Big Island I became sick and almost died and still I had to be dragged out kicking and screaming getting on an airplane in a wheelchair. “never letting go of the love we promised” Timo has a 2 minute sit down talking about the creation and meaning of his song and I paint LIVE so you can hear the whole thing. Please comment your thoughts on hope and Hawaii. Thanks for watching