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Timo played an all original set on Saturday night in Long Beach CA at the Rebel Bite. Not only was his music amazing but so was the fact that we streamed it LIVE! So if you are a band, musician, artist or chef and want your performances streamed live get in touch with us at! Aloha- KrisT

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Don’t be hatin’


I am not doing this for vanity or to make you jealous, all though some of you maybe…I NEED the vitamin D. And thanks to modern technology I am doing blogging not from my living room but from the pool. :) With Arms of Audio getting ready to start again, I wanted to ask this question…for those of you who are familiar with our Daily show- what did you like the most? Fine Art? Live Music, Interviews, Special Events, Pets or Kooking with KrisT.

According to the stats Kooking with KrisT far surpassed every one of our topics and after I got sick I was not able to continue. But friends I will assure you – I am doing my best to make it happen again. I will be posting some of my recipes and photos and when I can I will bring back the show. In the meantime we…

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1. The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, ESPECIALLY to do something creative.
2. The drawing in of breath

Since Arms of Audio is starting again I began thinking of what the top questions are that we ask our special guests, artists, musicians, photographers, chefs. The first question I ask is “What INSPIRES you?” But until today I didn’t know the true definition of the word. I thought about my answers in the past and how across the board they were. The answer for me is now SIMPLE. Its one word. Aloha

The literal meaning of Aloha is “breath” or “breath of life.” How interesting that my inspiration coincides with the very meaning of the word. But Aloha still is even deeper than that. To know Aloha is to hold the key to live righteously in this natural world. Here is what the ancestors…

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